my smile is terrible don’t ever make me smile. my laugh is also terrible don’t ever make me laugh. my anything is terrible. don’t make me do anything. don’t look at me

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Stiles Stilinski + winking

The best of Nine (2/?)

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I was at Hot Topic and saw this cool tshirt for some band or something called Bring Me the Horizon and idk what bring me the horizon is and don’t really care but the shirt is cute so i’ll wear it




This was an experiment. See how people started getting mad at me for “buying” a Bring Me The Horizon shirt, when I said I really knew nothing about them? How I said I bought it simply because I thought it was cute? Completely disregarding who the band was?

This is how people from other cultures feel when you purchase and wear garb from their culture with no knowledge of what that garb symbolizes and means. If you wear or use something for the wrong reasons, people get mad

This has got to be by far one of the best ways to explain cultural appropriation to people.

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Isaac Lahey/3.13”Anchors”

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